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This is a mentorship program, not a fitness program, not a meal plan, but a mentorship program that is focused on growth, spiritual, physical, and mental health. Being on her coaching calls renewed me every single time. Books and information she sent are perfect. Yes, I lost some pounds, yes she did write challenging workout plans, yes she did track my macros like a hawk (literally like a hawk). What can’t be measured is the knowledge I gained. I learned even more about balance, she taught me about macros. She taught me not to beat myself up with my irregular schedule, and just embrace it.

I made an investment in myself. My husband is in finance, and he says investments are only things that appreciate. (So that new bag I want…not an “investment”) My investment in myself is unmeasurable. You may not see big changes on the outside, but like everything in life it is what is on the inside that counts. I can’t tell you how much stronger mentally and emotionally I am because of her guidance and support. I couldn’t be happier about my “changes.” I am a better wife, friend and employee because of her.

Stephanie Wollenburg
Chady has got to be one of the most motivated and up beat women I have ever met. Her infectious positivity and enthusiasm for life has helped me to be a better version of myself. Chady has inspired me to push harder with my workouts, as well as, educate me with proper macronutrients to fuel mybody. Once I started working with Chady on my custom meal plan and training program, I started seeing results immediately without ever depriving myself from the foods I love or spending countless hours in the gym. Being a working mother of 2 very active boys I don’t have the time or energy for that. Chady is extremely knowledgeable and motivating. She’s always working with me to find a program to fit my lifestyle and goals. Whether you’re looking custom meal planning or training program Chady is absolutely the BEST! I can’t recommend her enough…Thank you Chady for helping me become a better version of myself.
The most important thing I learned from Chady’s “HealTHY Self” ebook was; Watch your habits, not your weight. I now I remind myself how far I had already come.
“HealTHY Self” helps rewire your brain.
Today, I LOVE the body I live in.
I did something I felt was impossible.
If I can do this, then “HealTHY Self” can help anyone do it.
Alma Gina
When I first met with Chady, I was expecting her to be just like every other trainer, someone who had been fit their whole life and wouldn’t understand my personal struggle. I was really surprised when I found out that Chady had to dig deep for her own discipline and had once weighed over 200 pounds. To have someone understand what it’s like to actually have to lose weight, struggle with food and then shred them selves into an award-winning model is pretty inspiring. Above all else what sets Chady apart from anyone I’ve ever trained with is her intuition. You’re not just working with someone who’s offering you a diet and new routine at the gym, you’re working with someone who understands you as a human being. Whether that be as a mother, or an ambitious career woman, or someone that’s struggling deeply, she just gets it and her love is real. You’ll see for yourself.
Padi GoodSpeed

I am someone that will have to workout and watch what I eat for the rest of my life! I have know this since I graduated from high school exactly 20 years ago. I don’t have an aunt or uncle on either side of my family without high blood pressure, and at the age of 36 I was diagnosed with the same. I was going through an extremely stressful period in my life, with work, raising 3 young children, PTA and home life. A year before then I had went from 150 lbs to a steady 130 – 135 lb range, with consistent cardio.

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure I was determined to try monitor my salt intake and stress. A year passed and nothing. No change in my blood pressure and I had gained almost a ridiculous amount of weight! I hadn’t seen the 170’s since the birth of my second child in 2009. I reached 184 and had a melt down, physically and mentally.

I had always looked to Chady Dunmore for workout motivation and decided since I was still working out there had to be something else that I was doing wrong. She posted a flyer about helping people with their nutrition. THIS was something I never knew I needed! In my mind it was always no white carbs, don’t eat after 8 and you’ll be fine. I would eat great all day then cheat and a bad snack right before bed time thinking that I couldn’t possibly have gained. I was so wrong!

Chady not only took me on as a client and provided daily meal plans, but also made me understand why I was eating this way! The understanding is what has made me stick to the plans and lose over 15 pounds in two months! She has monitored my weight and meals through an app and actually takes the time to check in on me throughout the day. I don’t know what I would have done without her and can’t wait to see the final results. Her advice and genuine heartfelt desire to see me succeed is something that will stay with me a lifetime! I couldn’t have asked for a better coach and nutritionist!

MarieGabrielle James
Awesome ebook! I like that the meal plan is simple. Easy enough to even order at restaurants & not go off diet. The workouts can be done anywhere. So there’s no excuse to not having a gym membership or can’t make it in. I travel every week & don’t have time for gym or meal prep. Hotels & ordering out is key.
Natalie Lerma

I started Chady’s Fit Girl mentorship program, 90 Days HealTHY Self, you guessed it, 90 days ago. The above is my before and after picture and I’m posting it mainly because I don’t want to lie and say it’s not about the scale or physical changes because that is a big part of it. I definitely see a change in the two photos and the scale saw a loss of 20 pounds. But the best change I saw in myself was the fact that I was NOT upset that I didn’t lose more weight and I was not judging and picking a part my picture obsessing over not enough of a difference. I’ve lost more weight on other programs, I’ve seen bigger differences too but the end of the “diet” was just that… the end. I went back to my old ways and quickly gained the weight back as soon as I stopped following a strict program. And that was my yo-yo lifestyle for as long as I can remember… lose 20, gain 40, lose 40, gain 50. If I had a dollar for every time I told someone I was starting a new diet or fitness program I’d be able to pay a surgeon to make me look like Jennifer Lopez! But the worst part of this cycle was the roller coaster of emotion from confidence to discouragement, pride to hurt, achievement to disappointment. This is the cycle I needed to change… I know it’s not going to be easy and I’m not fully there yet but The Fit Girl is guiding me in the right direction.

Having Chady as my mentor helped me change my relationship with food, learn to love working out and at the end of the day taught me how to start loving myself. Her mentorship program doesn’t tell you what to do, she teaches you how to do it yourself. She gives you the tools to take control of your mind, body and your life. And when I veered off the program she didn’t allow me to be discouraged, she believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Now it’s my turn, it’s my turn to stop the cycle and truly make this a lifestyle change. I don’t want this “diet” to end after 90 Days and I want to share my lifestyle journey. I also don’t want to write about my journey after I reach my final goal with a social media picture doing a handstand in a bikini on top of a mountain… I want to write my story as it’s happening. The good, the bad, the ugly crying and the moments that are so bad they are actually hilarious. But I will not do it alone, everyone needs an army of supporters and mine are The Fit Girl and Chady. And at end of the day, seeing someone at the top of the mountain (in a bikini) is extremely motivational but I think it’s even more impacting being a part of the climb.

The “Diet” Aftermath