Jul 26th, 2017

Starting Over Isn’t Easy But Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Starting Over in Life

I always have been a person who lives a life of BALANCE.

A BIG SHIFT happened in my life 2 years ago exactly. I resigned working with my old job, moved away from family and friends to start fresh in a different city. I realized in doing this, even though change can be scary, it can sometimes feel downright refreshing!

The thing we sometimes don’t realize is how in charge of our lives we really are. We think change has to come from the outside …. that we have to be the recipients of change. Something needs to happen to us before do something about it.

But WHAT IF >> Y. O. U. << initiated the change in your life because it was simply time??!?!

  • ?Time to get in shape
  • ?Time to earn a living that makes you happy.
  • ?Time to follow that passion you’ve kept buried for so long.
  • ?Time to eat healthier.
  • ?Time to wake up earlier.
  • ?Time to get out there socially.
  • ?Time to overcome a fear that has been inhibiting us from living fully.

Our values are the VERY essence of who we are as individuals. They are what guide us when it comes to making decisions so that we don’t end up feeling like a tangled mess inside. And they act as our inner compass when it comes to what we should create and put into this world.

Again, Starting over isn’t easy but doesn’t have to be hard. And it can be a bunch of thing starting with just one decision. Just one.

Have fun with it. Let it work for you. Decide what isn’t working. Make a new decision. Begin again. ?

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  1. Natalie October 9, 2017 at 3:28 am - Reply


    Thank you for this!!! Looking forward to many more blogs!!! Blessings!!

    • Chady Dunmore December 6, 2017 at 2:04 am - Reply

      Thank you so much! I am uploading blogs weekly from here on and out and just up loaded my HealTHY Self Banana Bread in the Nutrition section. 🙂

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