Dec 7th, 2017

Ab Workout: How To Get Your Abs To Show More

Ab Workout Routine for Six Pack Abs

The secret with abs are CONSISTENTLY doing them. Shape, size, position, definition and separation of your abs are pre determined by YOUR GENETICS. Just like the peak of your biceps, shape of your quads and calves. Some people do not train their abs and they just let their diets bring them out (I’m guilty of doing that in the past). These are the first people to lose their six pack when they gain a pound or drink anything with sodium. Abs are a muscle!!! They are meant to be worked just like any other muscle. Since your abs are sustaining your core, they are always working. Therefore you need to train them more often in order to make them grow. Increase your training frequency for abs by performing ab workouts at least three times a week. Having well formed and defined abdominals allows you to have a 6pack at higher body fat levels than those who don’t train them.

Resistance training.

By adding weights to your ab exercises you force your abdominal muscles to work harder which builds the muscle that makes up the squares of your six-pack so they pop and when performed at different angles, weighted ab exercises allow you to build more defined abs. Also keep your reps in the hypertrophy range (12-15 reps) and work on increasing resistance, just like you would with any other exercises that you perform for other bodyparts.

〰☝?PLEASE remember: no matter how many 1000′s of crunches, you do, if there’s fat covering your abs you WILL NOT see your lower abs. Lower Abs are the product of body fat AND a strong lower rectus abdominis, obtained through the certain abs (such as Reverse crunches, leg lifts , oblique v ups, etc) exercises to effectively melt body fat, rely on cardio, HIIT (high intensity interval training) IF you’re fit enough to do it and most importantly opt for weight-training.

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My go to AB workout I do;

Crunches 30 reps

Leg lifts 15 reps

V ups 15 reps

Bicycle 15 reps (each side is 1 rep)

Reverse crunches 15 reps

Plank mountain climbers -10 each side

Oblique crunches 10 each side.

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