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Mentorship Program (90 Days Commitment)


A COMMITMENT to become a better version of yourself.

Initial one hour one-on-one to share it all with me; your goals, what you want to achieve, the obstacles that you struggle with in achieving your goals. I take notes on all this so we can come up with a game plan, it will be confidential judgement free zone.


We will breaking down the pyramid of what being F.I.T is to you: Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

  • FITNESS  Fitness Goals, Fitness program, Fitness Tips.
  • INSPIRATION  What inspires you? I’ll be sharing my favorites weekly with you. Articles, Pictures, Memes, Podcasts, Verses, or Letters from me to you.
  • TEAMWORK  Share your goals and together we will put together a plan of action.
  • Every 30 days you get a CUSTOM workout program that “fits” you. Taking into account your lifestyle, likes / dislikes, but don’t worry I challenge you at the same time.
  • We get on a FOLLOW UP CALL after you get your program and every 30 days to break down your fitness plan to ensure you understand what you are doing and I will be your resource NOT Google!
  • MACRONUTRIENTS for your specific body I don’t do custom diets because I want to teach you how to eat properly as a lifestyle so this program is practical, and you will keep weight off this is not a crash diet.
  • GROCERY LIST and health tips that help with food alternatives to help cravings.
  • Weekly FACETIME OR SKYPE calls (30 min) to check in and guide you to “your” goals.
  • ACCESS TO ME PERSONALLY through IG video so we can communicate daily to one another if needed, answer any questions you have as well as email and hold you accountable. We can continue to communicate only via email if you feel more comfortable.

Mentorship Program (90 Days Commitment)


  • You want a quick fix in weight loss
  • want a program and not put in the work to create healthier habits
  • Cannot make time for yourself at least 30 minutes a day to improve your health and life.
  • Can’t be honest about your goals
  • Want a detailed meal to meal program
  • Don’t want to take control of your life to be really happy from the inside out


I wish there were more hours in a day and I was able to work with everyone that needs my mentoring, but as a mother my time is valuable. And because I value connection with anyone I work with this is another reason why I am offering a program like this. Please reply as soon as possible if you are ready to make the leap before spaces are filled. Once the program is filled, I will have a waiting list.


Each instalment is due on the first of the month for the next 30 days and is non refundable. The 90 day program is recommended but mentees can re-evaluate every 30 days.

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Healthy Self Mentorship Program