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Single Custom Diet

Single Custom Diet $300

When it comes to acheiving your body and fitness goals, there is nothing more important to your success then your nutrition.Get the perfect nutrition plan tailored to your lifestyle and still help you acheive your goals.This nutrition program will be designed to fit your lifestyle while still reaching your goal.The Nutrition program is based upon your information and current macronutrient requirements rather than a cookie cutter diet approach. A plan is then put together based on foods of your choosing that is calculated to the optimal ratios for reaching your goals.

Single Custom Training Program

Single Custom Training Program $250

The workout plan I create for you will simply be based on the information you give me to fit what is right for you – right now, with your body, your background, current fitness level and your goals. It will not be a general approach.

Single Custom Diet and Training program

Single Custom Diet and Training program $550

* Opt for a Combo. The perfect plan to reach your goals.
A nutrition and workout program will be designed to fit your lifestyle based on the information you give to fit what is right for you and assist you in obtaining your health/fitness goals.

Skype Posing Session

Skype Posing Session $150 an hr

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Your stage presence is more important than you think. Presentation is a huge component to success on stage. Make sure you are ready to display your physique in the best way possible.

If you are competing in Bikini or Figure, I have the experience as a former competitor and Judge in the INBA, NPC, IFBB, and WBFF federation to help you feel confident on your stage. I will teach you the proper way to perform all mandatory poses for your divison, and teach you how to walk and stand on stage.

Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagement

I treat my speaking engagements the same as I do my clients.
The conference attendees are my clients. Please email by submitting what you are looking for, how I fit in this speaking engagement whether I am sharing, presenting, or teaching at this event and we can essentially move forward from there:-)

Contest Prep Program

Contest Prep Program

Contest Prep Program content



This is a mentorship program, not a fitness program, not a meal plan, but a mentorship program that is focused on growth, spiritual, physical, and mental health. Being on her coaching calls renewed me every single time. Books and information she sent are perfect. Yes, I lost some pounds, yes she did write challenging workout plans, yes she did track my macros like a hawk (literally like a hawk). What can’t be measured is the knowledge I gained. I learned even more about balance, she taught me about macros. She taught me not to beat myself up with my irregular schedule, and just embrace it.
I made an investment in myself. My husband is in finance, and he says investments are only things that appreciate. (So that new bag I want…not an “investment”) My investment in myself is unmeasurable. You may not see big changes on the outside, but like everything in life it is what is on the inside that counts. I can’t tell you how much stronger mentally and emotionally I am because of her guidance and support. I couldn’t be happier about my “changes.” I am a better wife, friend and employee because of her.

Stephanie Wollenburg

Chady has got tobe one of the most motivated and upbeat women I have ever met.Her infectious positivity and enthusiasm for life has helped metobe a better version of myself.Chady has inspired meto push harder with my workouts, as well as, educate me with proper macronutrients to fuel mybody.Once I started working with Chady onmy custom meal plan and training program, I started seeing results immediately without ever depriving myself from the foods I love or spending countless hours in the gym. Being a working mother of 2 very active boys I don’t have the time or energy for that.Chady is extremely knowledgeable and motivating. She’s always working with meto find a program to fit my lifestyle and goals. Whether you’re looking custom meal planning or training program Chady is absolutely the BEST!I can’t recommend her enough…Thank you Chady for helping me become a better version of myself.