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When it comes to competition prep, selecting the right coach is everything if you want a real shot at taking home that coveted trophy. My extensive career in the fitness industry includes no less than 2 x WBFF Pro World Championships, an Overall win at the Arnold’s, along with acting as a judge in the INBA, NPC, IFBB, and WBFF federations, which gives you the unique advantage of expert guidance from each side of the competition spectrum.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced competitor and regardless of your location, I can provide you with online coaching tailored to your current level and individual bodybuilding goals. If you’re looking for top notch coaching that will make you stand out from the rest, you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place!

How does it work?

After you’ve selected a coaching program and paid the fees, I will contact you within 24 hours to set up a personal phone consultation to get a detailed picture of your goals.

You will then receive a form to fill out that will allow me to pinpoint your physical level and abilities and customize your unique workout and nutrition program.

How long is the program and what does it include?

The full competition prep package is 12 weeks long and includes:

  • Customized Workout and Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly Progress Evaluations & Adjustments to Plan as Needed
  • Ongoing Email Support and Updates
  • Uniquely Tailored Posing Sessions through Skype
  • Pre-Contest Preparations & Support
  • Post-Contest Analysis & Advice

12 weeks $1100.00

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Month to Month $375.00

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