Jan 6th, 2018

Immune Booster Juice: Chady Fit Green Immunity Juice

?Green Immunity Juice ?

I started 2018 with the Flu! Not fun! No over the counter medicine was helping me. So when you are tired of dealing with congestion from sinuses or a stuffy nose, instead of relying on medications, consider using natural remedies to cure your problem.

Congestion is often caused by a combination of inflammation and a buildup of mucus.

By drinking specific juices, you may be able to fight the inflammation and begin clearing your nasal passage of mucus.

Here is my green magic immunity juice that’s helped me kick this 2018 Flu out of my system.



•3 green apples

•6 celery sticks

•1 handful of mint leaves

•1 small fennel

•1 cucumber

•1 ginger root (1 inch)

•1/2 lemon



1. Place all the ingredients in a blender (high speed) or juicer.

2. and mix on high for 20 seconds, or blend until all the ingredients are well blended and juiced

3. Serve and drink immediately with a cute straw! ? ?


Important Tip:

If you are putting the juice in sealed jars, make sure to fill the jars up to THE TOP to prevent Oxidation.

What is Oxidation?

—>Oxidization is what happens when plant matter is exposed to oxygen. If you slice an apple in half and leave it outside, you’ll notice it browns. While it’s not spoiled or rotten, the oxidized apple is less tasty than a fresh one and also has fewer nutrients.

Let me know if you try this immunity juice and hope you feel better ???

Chady Fit Green Immunity juice

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